Good Game Always Come from Good Golf clubs

If you want to play a good game, then you should firstly own good golf clubs. TaylorMade golf clubs might be good choice for you. However, this is not what all you need. Because good golf clubs are not good to everyone. That’s means if you can not a good adjustment, you cannot play it better. So, golf adjustment is very important for all of us. For example, a driver is available in both 9.5 and 10.5 degree, a set of irons can be different in wedge or forged irons. You need to find the best degree for you so that you can swing better.

Not only the degree, but also the shaft length, the setup and clubhead would also affect you use of the golf clubs. Some drivers are available in both 430 and 460 clubhead. Some are white dirvers while others are black drivers. At this time, you need to select a good clubhead which fit you best to play your game. As for fairway wood, we would usually prefer 3 wood or 5 wood. But they are not always in 15 degree and 18 degree. Different fairway woods may have different degrees. Some would be 13.5 and 15, some would be 17 and 19. This should depend.

So, how to do this? Explaining the loft degrees on fairway woods’ loft degrees is tricky. First, you should know that there are strong and standard woods. A strong wood has a slightly lower loft than the standard wood of the same number. This results in a slightly lower, but longer shot than its regular counterpart. Wood sizes also indicate relative length in the set. For example, a strong wood has a similar loft angle to the club just below it, with the same relative shaft length just like adjusting a putter. This spells better control for many players.

However, fairway woods are not everything. Some players may prefer hybrid. Rescue hybrids are the hottest thing out today. For most players, a golf bag isn’t complete without at least one fairway wood. One is often all you need, but choosing the right one is up to you. If you need more loft and less shaft, pick a 5 or 7. Otherwise, look at the 3 and 4. If you can’t decide, the 4-wood may be the best choice. It’s a middle option that combines the low loft of the 3-wood and the shorter shaft of the 5-wood. You’ll get a shallow, long shot you can control. I suggest you select the latest golf clubs in 2016.

You may ask why 2016 new clubs? They are all very expensive. Yes, but things are always changing and updating. If you must make a choice between r1, r7, r9, r11 and r15, which one would you select? The answer is obvious. The same as atv, rbz, rocketballz, rocketblade, burner superfast, 2.0 and aero burner. Some golfers are still using the old speedblade, sldr or jetspeed clubs. But now, TaylorMade has launched the new mens M1, M2, RSi 1 and RSi 2 Irons. I would like to get these new clubs preowne. They are all very awesome! And they are not all in expensive prices. We can still get many cheap irons with big discount and for sale at best price on some online golf shops in UK. Some even offer free shipping all over the world. This is really a good thing for people like me.